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The God Delusion

Imagine a World Without Religion

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Welcome to the God Delusion community. This is a community for everyone, regardless or religion, faith, beliefs or morals. While the reality is that there is no god, but only science and fact, I've created this community to foster discussion, debate, and general communication between atheists, and between believers and non-believers alike. Hateful and insulting comments will not be tolerated, but at the same time we don't need to be constantly worried about offending anyone of any faith. This community will treat faith as it should be treated: like someone's political affiliation -- we don't worry about offending someone if they're Democrat, Republican, or Independent, and in fact relish stating our opinion; this is how religion should be treated.

This is also a community for people to tell their stories of their love of science, evolution, reason, and atheism, and what changes in their lives led to them becoming this way.

This is a place to celebrate your beliefs in the facts of reality and the universe.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail at goddelusion@gmail.com